Thank you for dropping by this month to see what I have been creating, first up is a sweet black bunny, Margret with her lamb, she is a TFC Folkart design, 15", she wears a linen dress which has been aged and a blue wool jacket for those cool Spring mornings, she does stand on her own.  Kindly asking 49.00 plus 7.50 for her travel.

 Next up is a sweet Americana rabbit, a design by TFC Folkart, she is 13" tall and wears a striped dress with a apron dyed sailor blue, a little flag has been attached to her apron.  Kindly asking 37.00 plus 7.50 for her travel.
 I have always loved this rabbit, a design by Kentucky Primitives, I have one I decorate with each spring, he is 8" tall and the way his legs are made he is perfect to tuck into a basket.  Kindly asking 10.50 plus 5.00 travel.
 Love the chick, just perfect for a kitchen display this time of the year.  She is 8" tall, with her little bonnet and nutmeg sign.  Kindly asking 12.50 plus 5.00 ships.
 Sweet pair of bunnies, a Pineberry lane design, they are 8 and 9" tall, perfect for spring displays.  Kindly asking 17.50 plus 5.00 ship for the pair.
 I have always loved making these bunnies, they are a Catnap design, 7" tall, just perfect to tuck or place in a bowl.  Kindly asking 7.50 plus 3.50 travel each.
 Last up is a little lamb, a TFC Folkart design, they are 3" by 3", they do sit on their own, perfect  for those sweet little displays, love their little bells.  Kindly asking 12.50 plus 3.50 travel each.  Thanks again for dropping by to see what I have been creating, I will be back next month with more goodies. Vicky




Welcome to my February update, well its been really warm down here in the south, almost 80 degrees last Sunday, my flowers are starting to bloom and with that I started on my Spring ideas to brighten up the house. First up tonight is a doll I have always loved, she is a seed bag doll, a design by Drakestone Primitives, she is 12" tall and wears a pretty blue dress just in time for Spring, kindly asking 35.00 plus 5.00 ships.  SOLD

I love these rabbits, they are a TFC Folkart design. They have been painted with a dark chocolate brown paint, they are 8" tall and aged, perfect to tuck into a box or basket.  Kindly asking 12.50 each, plus 3.50 ships. 1 LEFT

These are the cutest chicks, they are a TFC Folkart design, they measure 5" across, perfect to tuck into an old bowl, basket, Kindly asking 6.50 each, plus 3.50 ships. They are flat.  SOLD OUT, WILL TAKE ORDERS.

One of my favorite things to decorate for spring with is eggs, tuck them into baskets or bowls. These are 3" long, they are made from reproduction civil war fabric, love the little flowers on these, they have been aged.  Set of 3 eggs 14.50 plus 3.50 ships. 1 SET LEFT

Love these blue ones, they are the same as the brown, 3" , reproduction civil war fabric, aged.  Set of 3 eggs 14.50 plus 3.50 ships.

Love seeing tulips bloom in the Spring, these are about 11" tall includes stem, they have been painted barn red and then rubbed with cinnamon, kindly asking 12.50 for a set of 3, plus 4.50 ships. SOLD OUT

Hand painted yellow tulips, my favorite, set of 3, 12.50 plus 4.50 ships.  SOLD OUT

Rupert rabbit has always been my favorite rabbit to make, he is back this year wearing a blue stripe wool jacket for those chilly Spring days, he has his seed bag and his hoe and is heading down to the garden to plant his carrots. He is a TFC Folkart design, he is 8" tall, kindly asking 39.00 plus 5.00 ship.

Last up is Mousie, I loved making her, she has been down to the meadow and has found her a very large dandelion, she is a Kentucky Primitives design, she is 6" tall, her dandelion is 8" tall, love her touch of blue head scarf.  Kindly asking 35.00 plus 5.00 ships.  Thanks for dropping by and seeing what I have been creating, I will be back next month with more Spring goodies.  HAVE 1 LEFT, VICKY


Hi everyone thanks for dropping by this month, first up is a design by Veenas Mercantile, Love Letters, she is 19" tall and has brown wool for her hair, her blouse is painted using vintage white and her skirt is made of linen, and antiqued.  Her love letter bag is a brown stripe that has been aged and it is topped off with an aged red painted heart with her love letter and sweet annie added in. Kindly asking 49.00 plus 7.50 for her travel.

Next up is a set of 2 hearts, each set has a 5" heart made of red ticking, and a 3" heart that has been painted barn red and aged, set of 2 hearts is 7.50 each with 3.50 for travel.  SOLD OUT

This set of 3 red ticking hearts has been aged, it consists of a 5" and 2-3" hearts, kindly asking 9.50 and 3.50 travel.  SOLD OUT

Next is a sweet bunny on a black and red box, total size is 7" tall, the bunny has been aged and holds a red aged heart made from red wool, this is a one of a kind. Kindly asking 39.00 plus 6.50 travel.  SOLD, THANKS SUE

I just love these adorable dolls, they are a Chestnut Junction design, 9" tall I have added something to each doll, please let me know which doll you would like. Kindly asking 27.00 each plus 6.50 travel.  SOLD OUT, WILL TAKE ORDERS

I love making things that are different, I just love this design by Stacey Mead, the glove is 10" tall, has been aged and has trim and a button at the bottom, a heart and some wire has been added for details. Kindly asking 22.50 plus 6.50 travel.

Last is my favorite, the heart is made from a crimson red wool and I have added a sweet little mouse, which is a design by TFC Folkart, total it is 8" tall, he holds the key to my heart. Kindly asking 39.00 plus 6.50 ship.  SOLD, THANKS SUE

Full view of heart and mouse.  Thanks so much for stopping by this month to see what I have been creating.  I will be back next month with the beginnings of Spring. Vicky