Thanks for dropping by tonight to see what I have been creating, these will be my last winter items, so I thought I would finish up the season with items I love to create and collect.  First up is Snowy, I used a Olde Homestead Barn pattern to create him, and a Cinnamon Creek design for the gingerbread man.  He is a large fellow, 35" tall he wears black checked pants and a cream primed flannel shirt with a red flannel scarf.  Kindly asking 69.00 plus 9.50 ship.

I love the way his feet hang off the old barrel.  He will be perfect for your winter displays.

I love creating and collecting gingerbread men, so when I came across this design by Stacey Walsh, I knew I had to create him.  He is based on an old cookie cutter. Love his stick nose.  The Olde Gingerbread Man is 12" tall.  So here is where you can create a gingerbread man.  #1 is wearing a red scarf, kindly asking 17.50 plus 3.50 ship.
#2 gingerbread man is wearing red scarf and a black hat, kindly asking 19.50 plus 3.50 ship.

#3 gingerbread wearing a black hat 18.50 plus 3.50 ship.

I love to create and collect deer for my winter decorating, this design is by Stacey Walsh, he is 9" tall and 8" wide, Love his details on his coat and little black hoofs I added a little rusty snowflake to his red scarf.  Kindly asking 24.50 plus 3.50 ship.  Thanks so much for joining me this month.  I hope everyone has a very special Holiday Season. Vicky