Hi everyone so glad you could stop by this month to see what I have been creating.  I love creating these pumpkin Jacks from TFC Folkart,  she is 6" tall, painted, aged and stick arms, kindly asking 27.50 plus 3.00 for her travel.

Love to create mice, this is a Chestnut Junction design, it is 13" with the dried' sticks, boot has been painted, aged, has rusty pins and a little rusty bell added, perfect for your fall decorating.  Kindly asking 37.50 plus 6.50 travel.  SOLD, THANKS CHERYL

I love owls for the fall, this Olde Farm Owl, is a design of Kentucky Primitives, it is 11" and can either hang or tuck into a basket, crock or anywhere you need to add a little fall.  He comes with a little pumpkin and some dried wheat.  Kindly asking 29.00 plus 6.50 travel.

Mousie is another design of Kentucky Primitives, she is 6" and is all decked out in her fall clothes, she has been down to her pumpkin patch and looks like she has found a very large pumpkin for that pumpkin pie she is wanting to make.  Kindly asking 45.00 plus 5.50 travel.  SOLD, THANKS SUE.

Next up is some creepy black spiders, perfect bowl fillers or you can hang these, they are 5" x 7", kindly asking 9.50 each plus 3.00 travel.

Of course you need some black cats for your fall decorating, these are 5x7, kindly asking 12.50 each plus 3.00 travel.

Next up on bowl fillers are bats, these are 4x5" kindly asking 6.50 each plus 3.00 travel.

Last up are these witches attached to moons, a different fun item to add to your fall bowls, kindly asking 12.50 each plus 3.00 travel.  Thanks so much for dropping by this month, and make sure you mark your calendars for next month which will be our Harvest Gathering here on Early Works Mercantile.  Vicky


Thanks for dropping by this month to see what I have been creating, this is my favorite time of the year to create.  First up is Esmerelda, is a Crows Roost Prim design, measures 20", all dressed in black with a little pocket with the Halloween date.  Kindly asking 45.00 plus 4.50 travel.

Close up of witch with bat.

Love this design by Sweet Peas Primitives, the witch with bat is 24" tall I have dressed her in a black print just in time for fall with her little sweet black stripe bloomers. Her pouch has been stamped with black stars and I have attached a bat, perfect combination for your fall decorating.  Kindly asking 55.00 plus 6.50 travel.

Close up of pilgrim doll with pumpkin, she is a Threadbare Primitives design, measures 15" tall, she is dressed all in fall colors, love her little bonnet, she holds her pumpkin.  Just a sweet doll for fall, kindly asking 45.00 plus 4.50 travel. You can see the full size doll at the end of my pictures, somehow they got out of order.

I have a love for pumpkin people, meet Mr. Jack O'Lantern, this one is a design by Woodland Primitives, he is15" he wears black wool pants and a mustard shirt, love his little stripped legs, just a great piece for fall.  Kindly asking 39.00 plus 4.50 travel.

Close up of Mr. Jack O'Lantern

Jacks a design by TFC Folkart, I love making these guys, just a great item to put in bowls or anywhere you need a little extra fall.  Large is 5 and half  inches  med is 3 and half inches and small is 2 and half inches.  Set of 3 Black  Jacks are 17.50 plus 3.00 travel.

These are the same as the black in size, set of Orange Jacks 3 for 17.50 plus 3.00 ships.

This witch with her pumpkin is just adorable,  a Threadbare Primitives design, she measures 23" dressed in a brown with black design and little bloomers, my favorite is her hat, kindly asking 49.00 plus 6.50 travel.

Full image of Witch with pumpkin

Full image of Pilgrim holding pumpkin, description was above.  Thanks again for dropping in this month, I will be back next month with more fall ideas.  Vicky


Hi everyone, thanks so much for dropping by this month to see what I have been creating. This month kicks off my fall dolls, first up is a design by Sweet Peas Primitives, Zelda is a stump witch, she is 12", and is rag stuff to give her that old feel, with button eyes and of course she has to have a broom.  Kindly asking 35.00 plus 5.00 travel fare.

This was my favorite to create, he is a Kentucky Prims design, he is 14" wide and 11" tall, he is giving broom stick rides to this sweet mouse, will make a great display piece.  Kindly asking 49.00 plus 5.00 travel.

Close up of the sweet mouse riding his broom stick.

Just love this design by Stacey Mead, meet Goody Mugwart she is 16" long and 9" tall, she is riding on her broom with her pumpkin tightly in her arm, makes me smile just looking at her, great piece for the upcoming fall season.  Kindly asking 45.00 plus 5.00 travel.  SOLD

Close up of Goody Mugwart, love her name.

Love this sunflower design by Hickety Pickety, will be a great display piece now through the fall.  It is 12", love the little crow holding the 5 cent seed sign in his beak. Kindly asking 27.50 plus 5.00 travel.  SOLD OUT

I wanted to do one last thing for summer and this is it the Watermelon Parade by Kentucky Prims, love the mice all ready for that 4th of July Parade carrying a United We Stand flag, really cute piece. It measures10 by 10, kindly asking 42.00 plus 5.00 ships.  SOLD, THANKS SUE

Just adorable, love their eyes.

Love this design by Sweet Peas Primitives, Witch with her cat, she is 24" tall, she holds her little black sock cat and of course she has to have her broom.  Her top has been painted  black with a striped skirt added on with a black star apron, her hair is made from sheep wool.  Kindly asking 55.00 plus 5.00 ships. SOLD, THANKS CATHERINE

Up close view of the little sock cat.  Thanks for dropping by will be back next month with more fall goodies. Vicky