Hi Everyone, so glad you could stop by and see what I have been creating, I love mice, been collecting and making them for years. First up is a wee little mouse, a design by TFC Folkart, looks like he has been down to the meadow and has found him some pussy willows for his little den. He sits on a 3" box which is done in blue and distressed, total height is 4", just a sweet little item for your spring and summer decorating.  Kindly asking 25.00 plus 3.50 for his travel.  SOLD, THANKS SUE.

Next up is the same little mouse only he has been down to the strawberry patch, looks like he has found him a very large strawberry, he has found the perfect place in which to enjoy it right on top of this bucket, total height 5" tall.  Kindly asking 25.00 plus 3.50 travel.

Last up is my favorite thing to eat this time of the year, yes strawberries.  This design is by Rags n Tags, I found the perfect red wool, it has little black specks in it, just perfect for strawberries.  They are 3" tall without the stems, they come in an old berry basket.  Kindly asking 18.50 plus 4.50 travel.  SOLD. THANKS CATHERINE.  Next month I will have a few more mice, this time Americana items and a few other summer ideas.  Thanks so much for visiting.  Vicky